Two loved-up tourists - David Sky & Ray Mannix

Two loved-up tourists - David Sky & Ray Mannix

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David Sky and Ray Mannix are in love ? with each other, with life, with the city of Prague ? and what better way than to express their array of affections than by sitting down together with a tourist guide and using it as the perfect excuse to explore their surroundings, i.e. each other?s handsome bodies and thick, meaty, uncut love-sticks! Indeed, any pretence that they?ve actually got any interest in the sights and sounds of the Czech capital is very quickly washed away with a veritable tsunami of almost over-energetic cock-sucking; each fellow taking it in turns to slurp on all that gorgeous man-meat, before they finally slip into 69-position on the sofa and mutually work all that gorgeous dick into a frenzy. For young cock-whore like Mannix, however, a session sucking cock ? as fantastically pleasurable as it is ? is never really going to be enough to negate his overriding appetite for hardcore action. As such, it?ll surely come as no surprise when the budding little cum-bucket finally stakes his claim on Sky?s rampant knob, sliding down on its length and riding it for all that it?s worth. It?s a sight that?s almost certainly gonna have you burgeoning on the point of over-excited appreciation; but make sure you edge yourself enough to savour every ball-churning inch of this performance, which culminates in Mannix quite literally having the spunk knocked out of him by his ass-crazed buddy. That leaves Sky to call it a day by releasing a fine stream of jizz right across Mannix?s crack, leaving the hyper-sexed bottom with a Cheshire Cat smile and a jizzed-up ass!


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