Horny army boy gives and takes plenty of rock hard inches from a grateful civilian! HD

Horny army boy gives and takes plenty of rock hard inches from a grateful civilian! HD

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It takes a brave man to be a soldier, but it takes a real hero to put his life on the line in order to tackle the threat of an unexploded mine or grenade. So hats off to Jason Mike ? a cool-headed officer, who single-mindedly puts the interests of self to one side in the opening moments of this exquisite scene. His reward, of course, is in part the knowledge that he did the right thing; but in this particular instance his heroics also lead to the discovery of Yuri Adamov, a young twink who?s hiding in a disused building nearby and who?s clearly only relieved at meeting his rescuer. So relieved, in fact, that he?s prepared to do literally anything to demonstrate his gratitude ? which probably explains why he?s semi-naked in bed with Mike just a few moments later. Whether this is a professional move on the soldier?s part is a matter for debate, of course, but it?s not uncommon for those who live hard to want to play hard ? and, believe us, playing hard is definitely what both these lads do for the ensuing quarter-hour! Whether it?s greedily feasting on each other?s dicks whilst laid out top-to-tail, or taking it in turns to fuck each other?s hungry little ass-holes, these two cuties are determined to make the very most of their unexpected encounter. No doubt about it, you?re just gonna love watching them explore every inch of carnal pleasure ? all culminating in both lads spewing fabulous quantities of goo in their primeval excitement. A reaction that will be no doubt matched back home!


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