Doctor Johnson gets his raw ass fucked by a mammoth-sized patient! HD

Doctor Johnson gets his raw ass fucked by a mammoth-sized patient! HD

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There?s a decidedly ?tongue in cheek? approach to the start of this medical encounter, with Matt Johnson playing the part of a doctor who encounters a larger-than-life dick during the course of his daily routine ? courtesy of young Jace Reed, who?s clearly only too eager to get out of his clothes the moment he?s invited to do so by the medic. Then again, with a donkey-sized salami in his trousers who can possibly blame him for being such an exhibitionist? Not that Johnson puts out any complaints; though the initial apparition from behind the modesty-screen does leave the poor doctor quite literally open-mouthed! A predicament that continues when the medic then proceeds to give the said oversized ramrod a thorough oral examination. It?s certainly not a procedure that?s usually adopted by the medical profession, it must be noted, but it?s one that you size-queens are just gonna love big time, as Johnson gives that thick, meaty shaft exactly the kind of tight-lipped adoration it deserves! Unwilling to miss out on the action, the cheeky-looking Reed immediately returns the compliment by subsequently feasting on his doctor?s now-swollen dick-head; before then thrusting his own pulsating pole-axe deep into Johnson?s eager little pucker. The result is a fabulous over-the-desk fuck, which the two lads only top by Johnson manfully sitting on Reed?s pole on a nearby armchair and taking every solid inch. Little wonder that both boys are soon popping their corks in a sweaty, spunk-filled crescendo that?ll have you creaming your pants big time!


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