Cute twink gets fucked by his ?Master? - Benjamin Dunn & Yuri Adamov

Cute twink gets fucked by his ?Master? - Benjamin Dunn & Yuri Adamov

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It?s no real wonder that young cutie, Yuri Adamov, is looking terrified. Strapped to a chair, with his hands handcuffed behind his back, he faces the prospect of being the play-thing of Benjamin Dunn, who in this instance ? armed, as he is, with a horse-hair whip ? is looking decidedly menacing. Then again, considering the hard-on that Dunn uncovers in Adamov?s crotch during the course of their opening play together, it?s hard to believe that the youngster?s ?terror? is quite as genuine as he?d have any of us think. Fact is, Adamov clearly enjoys the thrill of Dunn?s invasive attention; and the situation only gets worse for the boy when Dunn plugs his ass with a pony-tail and presents him with a thick, meaty, uncut cock to suck on. Suffice it to say that Adamov doesn?t make any attempt to escape, and the removal of his hand-cuffs simply appears to free him to indulge in his adoration of Dunn?s body even further! As such, the eagerness with which the lad eventually presents his ass for Dunn to fuck ultimately comes as no real surprise whatsoever. Nor does the manner with which he skilfully rides every hard inch that the older lad can thrust in his direction present us with too much incredulity. Indeed, you might even be left to wonder just who exactly is in control here given Adamov?s indelicate manipulation of events. Putting such mind-games to one side, however, what you will almost certainly appreciate is the sensuous performance of both young men, culminating in Dunn spewing all over Adamov?s face ? just exactly what Adamov had maybe planned all along!


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