Cute & innocent? Not fuckin? likely, as Johny Cruz gets triple-dicked & covered in cum! HD

Cute & innocent? Not fuckin? likely, as Johny Cruz gets triple-dicked & covered in cum! HD

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Poor Johny Cruz! Within minutes of being pulled out from the confines of a dark, dank hidey-hole, he?s being subjected to a full-on sexual encounter with Mike James and Benjamin Dunn ? all overseen by Denis Reed, dressed in leather straps and armed with a camera. His response? Well, like any self-respecting twink he?s soon very much on the case, taking full advantage of the opportunity to fuck around with two of the sexiest dudes in the biz. And who can blame him? Given half the chance most of us would be reacting in exactly the same way, slurping on every dick in the room and acting the total whore. But there?s no denying the somewhat menacing atmosphere to this encounter, underlined by Reed?s continual manipulation of movements and positions. Indeed, Cruz?s abuse at the hands of the German overlord seems only to intensify as the scene progresses; and what ensues towards the end of the sordid little escapade should come as no grand surprise. Spat upon, slapped and generally badly mistreated, the youngster slowly becomes almost something of a sexual object, there to satisfy the perverted whims of the others and little else. As such it seems only natural when ultimately all three guys proceed to stick their swollen dicks into Cruz?s ass-hole at the same time ? a triple edged fuckathon that just has to be seen to be believed. How the young lad takes it is anyone?s guess, but needless to say the facial whitewash that ensues immediately afterwards seems almost tame in comparison. Don?t ever claim that you haven?t been warned!


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