Cock-achingly gorgeous twink get Orlando White?s dick - Orlando White & Yuri Adamov

Cock-achingly gorgeous twink get Orlando White?s dick - Orlando White & Yuri Adamov

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What is it about young Yuri Adamov and apples? It?s almost like the gorgeous little cutie can?t walk past a fruit-bowl without getting his lips around a Cox?s Orange Pippin! Jokes aside, however, this is a fellow who knows he?s one hell of a sexy fucker and who understands exactly how to get a whole legion of fans into a hot, sticky frenzy as a result. Not that he?s the only guy on the STAXUS books who?s capable of such provocation, as studio favourite, Orlando White, is clearly only too eager to demonstrate when he also parades his credentials in front of the camera. Indeed, by the time these two beauties head up the stairs to the bedroom, hand-in-hand, there?s every possibility that you?ll have creamed yourself already ? let?s face it, they?re both that type of boy! Assuming you make it to the point that the lads finally hit the couch, however, you can rest assured that you?re in for a five-star treat; with Adamov greedily feeding off his buddy?s ramrod, before the youngsters literally tumble into the bedroom for a simply ball-bustin? session of top-to-toe fellatio. It?s quite simply almost enough to make a grown man weep for joy, and by the time that White has achieved his ultimate objective (i.e. poking Adamov?s butt-hole with that handsome pole of his!) there?s every distinct chance that you?ll have bust a nut in appreciation. Something both lads do here with understand ease ? Adamov spewing like a geyser mid-fuck, before White sprays his pent-up load over his pal?s cute face!


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