A cute, hungry twink - Richie Hajek & Shane Barret

A cute, hungry twink - Richie Hajek & Shane Barret

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You might not think that it?s very good manners but Shane Barret has never been the kind of guy to bother with the courtesy of romance. No dilly-dallying for him, that?s for fuckin? sure ? he meets a new guy and before they know it the bell-end of his handsome, uncut ramrod is introducing itself to their tonsils! Of course, there are guys who might take exception to this kind of handling ? but not Richie Hajek, that?s for sure. In fact, this boy seems to love being bundled down to a cellar to get the full Barret treatment; and within seconds he?s slurping down on the stud?s thick offering like a dog with a new bone! Not that Barret is adverse to partaking in fellatio, as becomes apparent when the two fellows busy engage in a session of 69-ing shortly afterwards. But it doesn?t take a psychologist to realise who?s the dominant party in this coupling; and having sat down on Hajek?s face to enjoy an eager session of rimming, Barret is soon ploughing into the young twink?s ass with characteristic gusto. In fairness, it?s not exactly untrue to say that Hajek?s response to all this attention to his fuck-hole seems a tad overawing ? you can?t help thinking by this point that he?d rather be earning his cash via some more conventional means. But given the size of what Barret is pushing up his rear it?s probably no surprise; and having finally accommodated his guts to its new occupier he?s soon pumping a fine, satisfied load of fresh goo for the camera. That leaves Barret to squirt his scent all over the youngster?s face, marking a job well done for everyone!


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